Barrier-Free Showers


Barrier-Free Showers

Most bathrooms aren't properly designed for wheelchairs, with a roll-in barrier free shower, wheelchairs and shower chairs can easily enter the shower stall. Independence and comfort are just a shower away. Freedom Showers offers hundreds of walk-in shower designs and ideas. Many of our walk-in shower kits can include a shower chair or bench, grab bars and other shower accessories.
If you are a caregiver, Logic handicapped accessible shower stalls can help transform your home so you can offer the best care to your elderly parent, or family members living with a disability. When you add a wheelchair accessible shower with a barrier-free threshold to your home, aging-in-place becomes a reality.


  • What is an accessible shower?

    Accessible showers are designed with a barrier free entrance, so they are wheelchair accessible. They usually have a maximum 1 inch high threshold that is user friendly for anyone. There are other design components as well, like the option to add a folding shower seat, grab bars, and a height adjustable shower head.

  • What is a barrier-free shower?

    Barrier free means it is a curbless shower, or it has a very low threshold at the entrance of the shower so you can roll in with your wheelchair or step directly into the shower unit.

  • How does water stay in a barrier-free shower?

    The accessible showers have a pan that is sloped towards the drain, but we recommend adding a collapsible water retainer, or water dam on the threshold combined with a weighted shower curtain to keep the water from splashing out of the shower.

    It's also important to have a low flow mixing valve. 1.5 GPM 45PSI is recommended, such as the Symmons pressure balanced mixing valve.

  • What is the weight capacity of an accessible shower?

    Logic's showers are designed to accommodate a person entering the shower with a wheelchair or rolling shower commode chair. The pan has a weight capacity of 500lbs. We do recommend only using rolling chairs with larger casters so you don’t add too much pressure on one spot in the pan.

  • How do you clean an accessible shower?

    Warm Soapy Water-Dishwashing liquids are the safest products to use. Abrasive cleaners (this would include Soft Scrub) should never be used on Acrylic finishes.


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