Safety Baths


Safety Baths

A common question of all walk-in tubs with doors is whether you have to sit in them while they fill. You do. But our high-flow tap is designed to produce a flow rate of 14 gallons per minute, meaning you won’t be waiting long. This allows our walk-in bathtub to fill in under 4 minutes!
Our extruded aluminum doors and door frame are the strongest on the market, ensuring years and years of problem-free use.
The long-arm door release is simple to maneuver with very minimal effort. And with our innovative latch system, you’ll never accidentally release the door.

Our tub shells are made of easy-to-clean acrylic on a strong stainless steel frame, blending the best of comfort and durability for a bathtub you’ll never need to replace.
The floors of our tubs also have a slip-resistant texture to avoid slips and falls.


Deep Massage

Combine a rejuvenating massage with your bathing routine. The heated water jet massage provides a powerful and deep massage aimed at a specific area of your body, relaxing the muscles from everyday tension. Frequent warm water massage aids in keeping your muscles supple, improves the quality of your sleep, and can provide natural pain relief from arthritis.

Physical Relaxation

Experience the soothing benefit of soft, warm, air massage in your bath. The bubbles on your skin are one of the most rejuvenating treatments.

Warm air enters the bathtub through tiny jets, creating a gentle flow of soft bubbles. This provides a massaging effect to help your joints and muscles to relax.

Natural Skin Cleanser

See the difference of micro bubbles with their natural cleansing properties. Feel cleaner, more exfoliated, and improve dry skin. Micro bubbles are tiny, gas-filled bubbles that are negatively charged. Dirt and skin impurities are positively charged, so they are attracted to the micro bubbles, removing them from the body.

Self-Healing Light Therapy

Light up your bath with underwater lights! Each colour corresponds to a vibration with its individual speed, wavelength, or rhythm. It creates the most soothing bath experience. Practiced since ancient times, chromatherapy engages with the energy centres throughout your body. The colours activate and rebalance your energy system.

Natural Sanitizer

Purify your water and make your skin feel softer, cleaner, and healthier! This option attaches an ozone generator to the air supply for the whirlpool jets.

Ozone is a 100% safe, natural chemical compound that is a very effective cleanser. It can help improve your immune system, deactivate bacteria and fungi, and treat circulatory issues. And it makes you feel rejuvenated and great!

Maximum Relaxation

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils with a built-in aromatherapy system in your walk-in tub, relaxing and soothing you while you bathe.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses aromatic oils to enhance physical and emotional health.

A Warmer Wait

With any walk-in tub, you have to wait in the tub while it fills. Our high-flow faucets minimize the wait as much as possible, but a heated seat is a great add-on to keep you warm for those few minutes while the tub fills. Avoid that first cold touch when you first sit down!


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